When it comes to buying tires, there’s a lot to consider. But don’t worry, we take the time to talk to you about your vehicle, your current tires, and your driving habits so we can identify the very best tires for you.
At Carpenter Point S Tire & Auto Service, our primary goals are always to get you into The Right Tire at The Right Price and to stand by you through the life of the tire with our Best-in-the-West Tire Warranty.
As the only independent, full-service tire and auto shop in Brookings, our commitment is to the community. We never base tire recommendations on corporate decisions made somewhere across the state or the country.
All our focus is on serving you, our neighbor. That means you can count on us to suggest the very best tire options for your particular vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. Every time.
We are proud to partner with over 3,500 independently owned Point S stores located across the Western United States and in 28 countries around the world. This partnership enables us to provide you with an unmatched selection of name-brand tires and wheels, always priced to deliver value to you, our customer and our neighbor.
What's more, our Best-in-the-West Tire Warranty is honored at every Point S store, giving you access to free warranty services and caring customer support in Brookings and wherever the road take you.
Stop in or call for tire recommendations and pricing today.
Get to the Point!
When you buy tires at Carpenter Point S Tire & Auto Service, you get to enjoy the Best Tire Warranty in the West, honored at hundreds of Point S stores across the Western United States. This warranty is provided by Point S in addition to any mileage warranty provided by the tire manufacturer.
With every tire purchase* from Carpenter Point S, you can count on:
  • All covered flats are repaired FREE of charge for the life of the tire.
  • We recommend regular tire rotation every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, or as needed to ensure maximum mileage. Rotation does not include tire mounts or dismounts. Proof of recommended rotation is required for manufacturer mileage warranties.
  • It is our policy to charge for the original tire balance. Should re-balancing be needed during the life of the tire, the re-balancing will be FREE. Limited to original tire-wheel assemblies; does not include new wheel change overs. Commercial tires excluded.
  • Available at any Point S store. Tires will be inspected for irregular wear, cuts, or other damage at any time for the life of the tires.
  • Free air checks are available at any time. Proper inflation is recommended at all times to ensure both maximum mileage and your safety.
  • Point S tires already mounted on separate wheels will be installed and removed at no charge. Should dismounting and mounting be required, an extra charge will be applied for these services.
  • Point S offers FREE tire replacement, including installation, for the first 30% of tread life within the first 3 years after tire purchase if a tire fails due to workmanship, materials, or a normal road hazard. After the first 30% of tread wear, the adjustment will be pro-rated based upon the current installed price excluding Federal Excise Tax, multiplied by the remaining tread down to 3/32 of an inch. (A tire is considered worn out at 3/32 of an inch for consumer safety.) "Normal road hazard" refers to non-repairable punctures, breaks, or cuts in the tire caused by rocks, nails, potholes, glass, or other road debris.
* Some Restrictions May Apply. All tires covered by the POINT S SERVICE AND WARRANTY CONTRACT will be given service or remedied under this warranty upon presentation of this contract at any Point S or Tire Factory location. Run flat, customer neglect, or tires damaged by abuse or accident excluded. See your POINT S SERVICE AND WARRANTY CONTRACT and/or see store for complete details.